When it Rains, it Pours


Where I last left off – I just finished my amazing and relaxing to Mexico. Completely off the grid; total relaxation.

After returning briefly, I  traveled to North Carolina for my childhood friends/honorary family’s wedding.   It was pure joy.  I couldn’t help but smile ear-to-ear from the moment I entered the room for rehearsal dinner.  The Entire place was electric with the shared elation of each others company.  Needless to say, the entire trip was magical.
It is possible that I had met my happiness quota for the month or year, or perhaps that was life giving me an extra sweet injection of happiness to brace me for what was to come, because upon my return home I was informed of a death in the family…. This grave news sat heavy with me…. Shortly thereafter, days later I was informed of a second unexpected death in the family.  Then,  In this same week, some stressful emergent issues arose in addition to this, now impacting me both mentally and financially.   Now, keep in mind, I am responsible woman. Pride myself on being independent.     So for me to say something like this should relay the gravity of the situation. After all of this mess, you may have heard, my youngest of angels, My little dog, Sparta, abruptly and died after much effort on the vet’s and my’s behalf. It was only two hours after having left the vets office (a 5hr endeavor) with treatment in hand, that she passed away at home in my arms.
My Dogs are my children – to say this was the worst pain that I have felt and I don’t know how long, would be an understatement. She was a piece of my heart.
My older dog and I are still grieving- I’m doing my best to stay busy and not let the gravity of reality all sink in at once.
Unfortunately, I have more family impacted by these circumstances. Situations are escalating, once again. Spiraling closer and closer to a More grave circumstance. Though I write this post with a heavy heart, I am certainly hoping for the best.
I do hope that you are certainly doing better than I am in these times. I will do my damnedest to stay optimistic and productive.
If you see me -rather than give me condolences, make me smile, make me laugh.  I would appreciate you even more for it, sweet toy.  It would please your mistress greatly.

Now, go out, and cherish the ones you love, the ones that bring you the most joy.  I’ll be here, ready for when you get the itch, perv.

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