What The Fuck



What The Fuck

Mistress Tangent enters the office in a crisp white blouse, black pencil skirt, nylons and black high heels to find slave Spartacus sitting at the desk acting suspiciously. She rounds the corner to see that he has one of Her black slide pumps and has obviously been sniffing it and playing with himself. She is furious at the little pervert and starts asking him What The Fuck he was thinking jerking off to Her shoes when he was supposed to be doing chores for Her. She orders him to his knees and face slaps him then he is obliged to strip himself naked while She sits at the desk legs crossed and heels on the desktop. When he takes off his pants She sees he is wearing beige semi-sheer pantyhose. She chastises him and has him lay down on the floor at Her feet for foot domination. She stands on top of his chest and he is made to suck and swallow Her nylon covered feet in between face slapping.

Gorgeous Mistress Tangent opens with Her stockinged foot down his throat as he lays beneath Her in pantyhose. She has Her black pencil skirt and crisp white blouse on and you can see Her well pedicured reddish toenails through the stockings as She puts them on his face, walks on him and steps on his cock and balls. She seats Herself and dominates his cock, stomping and stepping and abusing it inside his pantyhose. She stands and slowly removes Her white top revealing an amazing body with Her big breasts filling the beautiful beige bra. She lays him out on top of the desk and then slides Her black skirt off, bending low as Her breasts look to spillout of the bra. She sits on his face and we can now see the beautiful back seams going up Her legs and the sheer pantyhose top with Her black thong showing beneath it. She smothers him and queens his face, holding his neck and controlling him completely. She lets loose with some farts and humiliates him beneath Her ass the rest of the clip. Toward the end She pauses to smack his cock a bit and have him smell the farts and discharge between Her legs.

We see Mistress Tangent bouncing up and down on slave spartacus’ face as Her moist pussy and ass swell out of from the thong and pantyhose to envelope his face. Shge begins to slap and torment his cock that is trapped inside his pantyhose and smother him hard. She slaps his face, spits down on him and farts some more into his face. Some of his breathe has exhaled into Her asshole and comes back out as farts to humiliate him. Great face sitting with crotch domination as you see Her pantyhose covered crotch right in his face as She humiliates him. She moves to cut a small hole to remove his cock and swollen balls from the pantyhose and straddles his legs so he cannot move. She loosely ties up his cock and balls with a pair of brown mesh pantyhose, moves a vibrator into place and then at the very end takes Her bra off to reveal Her spectacular breasts.

Mistress Tangent sits astride his legs and focuses Her attention on his bound cock. It is drooling from the vibrator and She starts telling him how She wants him to lose his load for Her. She has a square crystal vase and She is going to use it to collect his load. A lot of verbal and vibrator teasing ensues. She is a master with the vibrator and has him stiff as iron at the end as he loses his load. She slips the crystal vase in as his cock starts to pulse and collects a good sized specifman sample. As She sits astride him She leans forward, Her breasts dangling deliciously. And feeds him his jism from the container.


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  1. mario says:

    I love this scene, perfect clotes, perfect look, but with me… without the worm that

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