Upcoming Travel Schedule (as of 12/20/13)


Hello Sweet slut,
Here is my upcoming travel schedule – I will be sure to update for you as changes occur  – because they DO occur.  you are welcome. ;*



Here’s where I’ll be:
Dec 20 – 29: Phoenix, AZ
Dec 30 – Jan 2: Las Vegas, NV (New Years Celebration, baby!!)  VAYCAY
Jan 3 – Jan 8: Phoenix, AZ
Jan 9 – Jan 12:  San Diego, CA/ Los Angeles, CA
Jan 14 – 16: Phoenix, AZ
Jan 17 – 19: Inglewood, CA (Goin to the Eagles Concert!!) VAYCAY

Jan 21 -Feb : Phoenix, AZ

I am still hashing out when I will be visiting NY again – I’m gonna have to wait until I can manage the cold again (I have water for blood!)…. Keep you in the loop…


2 Responses to “Upcoming Travel Schedule (as of 12/20/13)”

  1. slave gary says:


    Did You ever get that warm winter jacket You where talking about in our email??

    slave gary

  2. Ishmael says:

    Greetings Mistress – I only recently stumbled upon your wonderful site and, like so many before me, have become absolutely and completely enthralled. I like to say that I’m a switch, but when it comes right down to it, I’m a total pain slut with an ever increasing capacity asshole that has yet to be truly or properly filled. Having served a number of Mistresses over the last 9 years since I embraced the true nature of my submissive disposition. It took all of my 20s to realize that I wasn’t like many other people and another couple of years to shake off societal stigmas and admit (to myself especially) that there wasn’t anything wrong with embracing my submissive side and to become comfortable with opening myself to others about my new-found sexuality, not worrying about what these others thought and learning to fully and gratefully embrace whatever possibilities that the alternative lifestyle brought with it.

    I have served a number of Mistresses over the last 9 years (I am now 41) and, while all of them have help me learn more about myself and have taught me so very much about pain, pleasure and the sought after perfection that dances the razor’s edge between the two – no single one of them has ever been the complete package of what I have been looking for.

    Now, I have only watched all of your videos – I have not met you – so I cannot say that I “know” you, by any means – but, all things considered – your exotic beauty, your strict and domineering personality, the way you take your slaves right to the edge – again and again and again – if all of these things are combined, you, Mistress Tangent, may be the Goddess of Mistress, most exquisite member of the profession (at least in my eyes) and, 5 years ago, were I to write out a description of what I would consider the perfect Mistress and one that I would happily serve to my dying day – it would be a near mirror image of yourself.

    All that being said (and none of it is flattery – I only speak the truth – something that, should we actually ever meet, I will surprise you as the only man who actually means it when he says that — If you ever have plans to visit the State of Hawaii, in general, or the Big Island of Hawaii specifically – please send an email to the address connected with this comment. I doubt that you’d waste your time on the mostly rural Big Island, but I’d fly to Maui or Oahu in a heartbeat if there was the possibility of booking a day or two or three of subservience/slave training sessions with you (payment in naught but pineapples, mangoes, macadamia nuts and other Cash crops – to be sure – MOVE ALONG; NOTHING ILLEGAL TO SEE HERE!) (wink*wink).

    Not only that, but I’d also happily be a tour guide, should you require one (as soon as I was able to walk again – though, I bet you’d get off on me having a 4 lb. and 12″ circumference and plug shoved up my ass while I showed you around Waikiki and other tourist spots. Not only that – there is an entire litany of terrible things that (God I could only pray) that you could do to me when I was taking you on a tour of all of those secret trails and hidden beaches that are in no guidebooks and known only to those of us who have lived here for more than a decade.

    I hope this finds you well. If I overstepped my bounds, I apologize. I realize that any such possibility is less likely that the US electing another idiot named George Bush – but, at heart, I’m a dreamer.

    And tonight, I’m going to dream about you, me, a choke chain, the most painful nipple clamps ever invented and that 4 lb. anal plug.


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