Upcoming Travel Schedule (As of 07/08/14)


Hello there,
Here is my upcoming travel schedule – I am based in Phoenix, AZ– but travel frequently– I will be sure to update for you as changes occur  – because they DO occur.  you are welcome. ;*


UPCOMING TRAVEL for March – May 2014!!!

Here’s where I’ll be:
To make it easy (I am in PHOENIX, AZ and available for fetish sessions there, also, when not traveling.)
July 16 – 18: San Diego, CA
July 18 – 20: Los Angeles, CA **Available for Double sessions w/ Bossy Delilah**
August 9 – 11: Las Vegas, NV (VAYCAY)

I REALLY wanted to go to Montreal Fetish week (end of August) but I’m not sure if I will be able, this time around.. TBD…

And NY will probably be sometime in August also, still looking at timeframes. ..And possibly Miami (depending on where my GF wants to throw her Birthday party…) Oh yes.. And there is the possibility of another visit to Dallas…

If you want daily (or darn close) updates/ pics of Me
Follow me;)

I also will put travel updates on Hogspy soon – so you can also catch me there!

For Sessions:
If you are interested in seeing me for a personal fetish session, contact me before I come to your area. BE SURE TO INCLUDE your location to which I will be traveling to, interests, limits, and any other questions you may have for me.

You may contact me at:



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