Travel Update (As of 10/19/14)


Hello there,
Here is my upcoming travel schedule – I am based in Phoenix, AZ– but travel frequently– I will be sure to update for you as changes occur  – because they DO occur.  you are welcome. ;*


UPCOMING TRAVEL for August – September 2014!!!

Here’s where I’ll be:
To make it easy (I am based in PHOENIX, AZ and available for fetish sessions there,  when not traveling.)

Oct 20 – 26: Chicago, IL —-CANCELLED!!!!!!  

Nov 11-14: San Diego, CA
Nov 15 – 17: Los Angeles, CA
Nov 28 – Dec 9: NYC and Brooklyn, NY  (Last trip here, until it warms up again!!!)


Oh, yes!! I also am thinking Florida (perhaps in January or Feburary) and Dallas sometime, also…eventually 🙂

I will also be rescheduling the Chicago trip in the near future.

If you want daily (or darn close) updates/ pics of Me
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I also will put travel updates on Hogspy soon – so you can also catch me there!

For Sessions:
If you are interested in seeing me for a personal fetish session, contact me before I come to your area. BE SURE TO INCLUDE your location to which I will be traveling to, interests, limits, and any other questions you may have for me.

You may contact me at:




5 Responses to “Travel Update (As of 10/19/14)”

  1. subbieesq says:

    Dear Mistress Tangent, thank You so much for the opportunity to be in Your videos. Can’t wait to do it again when You come back to Los Angeles. Love how You can seamlessly amalgamate heavy sadism with sweet compassion. You’re a rare gem. — Steve

  2. subbieesq says:

    Oh, and guys, stop watching pirated porn on XHamster and the likes. It takes a lot of money and hard work to make these videos. Last shoot took 13 hours for 1 hour of footage. It’s the same as stealing music. Shell out the 9 bucks for the real deal. You’ll have the videos to keep, not just stream, and you’ll keep a clean conscience. For the price of two mocha lattes, which are gone in 20 minutes, you can have a work of art forever.

  3. subbieesq says:

    Dear Mistress Tangent, it was such a treat to reconnect with You. I can’t wait to start subbing for You in more videos this coming February. You really are special. Can’t wait to find out what You have planned. I’ve also learned some new skills since i was last under your lash, which i hope pleases You. — Steve

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