Time Flies When I’m Having Fun



O man. I have been having such fun, I almost forgot to post. I left off sometime after Fourth of July. Since then, I have been to Las Vegas, LA, San Diego, and New York city and Brooklyn.

So, the next time we talk, I better not hear “what are you doing, Mistress, you are not busy, are you?” Lol.

YES. I am busy, I do try to stay busy, as the bills don’t pay themselves, and the more busy I am, the more you see of me :-). Good for everybody 🙂

I had such a blast in San Diego, it’s always so good to see my naughty peeps :-). I also went to LA, shortly thereafter. I had such fun sessioning and shooting fetish videos with Delilah – she lives up to her bomb rep – make no mistake, this woman is a force to be reckoned with!  We also shot with Elaina Deluca with Blackula photo  which was super fun 🙂 lots of new smut for you, dirty bird. We filmed some pissing POV – so you get to see our sexy naughty parts up close and personal, bitch! Drink up!

In between trips, I missed 3 kinky parties that I wanted to go to!! UGH!! 3!!! I was sad, but made up for it in the meantime and still had fun with my personal slave in the meantime. Dolled him up into a lovely sissy, then tied him up, and made him/her My Bitch;) You can hear more about our personal life on his blog.

OOO—OMG OMG I got some BEAUTIFUL custom-made to-the-crotch, black leather, stiletto, Jean Gaborit boots!!! Thank you soo much SJ!!! They are a wonderful pre-birthday birthday present – God, I words cannot describe how excited I am for Fall and Winter to actually justify the wearing of them in public!!  Until then, indoor use is just fine!

In the meantime, while in AZ, got me some new pics and some good laughs – thanks to Dave Fashion Photo.

Thank you Robert for spoiling me in Vegas!! The sexy new dresses, the lingerie, the fetish wear, the shoes, the good times, the decadent meals and libations, the live entertainment, the trip to the spa, all of it!! GOOD GOD, I had such a marvelous time, words cannot describe. Thank you for pampering Me. You are appreciated. 😉

In NY, I enjoyed my time, I was in Brooklyn and in NYC. Had me some fun sessions and photo shoots! I shot with Angelo Amichevele
and Andrew Ried Photo . I’ll post up some of their pics. I also had some lovely times with a night out with my NYC friends. During my adventures, I also was fortunate enough to shoot some video with Julie Simone – Whew! She is incredible! I love her style and the sexy fetish films/ style/ art she produces, It was so good to shoot with her! …yes, I’ll definitely be back to NYC soon!!

Thank you Stephen for letting me stay with you in NY!!! I can’t wait to do it again. You are great company, to say the least!

Now. Back in AZ for some down time/ catch up on all the emails I couldn’t get to while I was booked back to back sessioning during my travel.

TTyL 😉


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