The Scary Truth!!



Here I go, shattering your sweet submissive idealistic image of Me; the TRUTH about my serious, foreboding personality comes out!!! ….Are you ready?  Can you handle it?

Enjoy a BTS (Behind the Scenes) view of Me during a light check while filming in Brooklyn at the Kinky Bunker with Betty Pickle, Miss Vivian, The Lucky Slave and Slave Fluffy!

I know, I am not the stoic and coldhearted she-beast of your dreams;  I am light-hearted, down to earth and often goofy..very goofy.

Yes, I do enjoy the tortures I subjugate my willing victims to.  Immensely.  I also enjoy goofing off, dogs, the color green, expensive things, and the sweet sweet smell of leather…and fear… among other things..  But I digress.



Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.28.06 PM

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  1. mario says:

    We know: you are a fantastic woman, responsable, professional, engaged in your labor. I am among those who believe that we are not what we work; we are people, with attitudes.We know you’re not a destructive monster: you are a beautiful human being.Kisses from Argentina ♥

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