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I forgot to post this earlier, got a bit caught up in travel and family.  Here u go!! more to come soon!! I also have travel dates coming up for you!!

As I am sitting here on my flight to NYC, recounting the awesome madness that has ensued this month, I am feeling accomplished.   This month I have been to Chicago, IL, Phoenix, AZ, San Diego and LA, CA, Atlanta, GA, and an now adding the Big Apple to the list.  In Chicago, I was able to meet with my awesome business partner, of Lakeview Ent.  We shot a bucket load of content for you, filth monger.  I saw the city and had fun.  AZ is heating up – 110 degrees of dry heat, baby, oh yeah!  I’m a lizard – I have water for blood, I can take it;)  Perfect pool weather…  Time to bust out the mimosas.  mmmm…  San Diego I was fortunate to meet up with the infamous Domina Angelina- just being around that magical woman makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside – she is one of the more grounded people I know- a well of knowledge and just damn fun to be around!  Shortly thereafter I went to LA, visiting the OH SO TALENTED Brandon Vasquez of Blackula Photo and the devilishly stylish Cybil Troy. O yes.  More smut for the masses was accrued, as I am sure you well guessed.    Oh and a lovely surprise it was to hang with the literarily gifted, Stephen Elliot – Maha!!  I cannot stress how good it is to be in your company – I hope to see you and your Lady in NY.  Rest assured, I only just got a taste of LA’s deliciousness.  I need to go back for more and really sink ma claws in.   Hell, I need to shoot over there some more – I don’t know what I was thinking not doing more!  holy god.  Yep.  On the agenda.  I definitely did not put in enough time – don’t worry Cali – I’ll b back soon!!

OH Man!!  In Atlanta I had the pleasure of tormenting others with the baddest, Bossy Delilah!!  SOOOO fun!! Oh man, woe to the poor soul that wants to take us both on for a double session- prepare for overload!  I will be coordinating a tour with her on the east coast soon – to go to infinity, and beyond!!!! lol – seriously though,  we will at some point, be visiting cities I would otherwise have never considered venturing to prior.  SO  keep your EYES PEELED for upcoming travel plans … sometime this year for bold new venturings for yours truly.  …Definitely not a common occurrence – so stay tuned.  We will definitely be making some movie magic together soon.  Yes.  Its true.  We will also be in LOS ANGELES around the same time (July 18-20th)  so message me if you want to face the challenge of two boss bitches on u like a ducks on a junebug!!


Well.  NY> here I come, you alluring sauna, you.  Oh man.  You are like the long distance love affair I never had – tempting me back with your whiles…  Well, you hot mess, I am coming back.  We’ll eat, drink, be merry, and have some dirty fun… the kind of fun that I just can’t say no to…  hehe.  Hopefully you don’t rape my wallet too badly with your distracting charms…


Thank you sub robert for the bikini and pretty purple lingerie! LOVE them – Feeling sexy!
And slave steve that sexy leopard print bikini and red hot open leather corset are BANGING!
slave kevin, you tempting devil, mmm god damn I look devious as hell in the scandalous pvc teddy you got! I’ll have to show you JUST how scandalous, next time I see you.
Thank you Stephen Elliot for the boots!!!!  With the fall of one pair of my faves, rises a new!! My god they are sexy… I need to post up pics of them… NEXT TIME: NY- its happening! You know what I’m talking bout -let the debauchery commence – no excuses!
SJ your company and relentless servitude are GREATLY appreciated (thats an understatement)… especially with the torments I put you through! You continually redeem my hope in the notion that there ARE amazing slaves in this world – you show me time an time again. For that I thank you.

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