Hello my dirty birds,
I had a WONDERFUL time in NY. Ahhh!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE all my kinky/ awesome people there!!! Yea – if you saw me, you know who you are – you perverted bitches!! ;* You know I eat this stuff up!! Live and breathe it…

I enjoyed myself attending the party at Cyn Studios!!! Such wonderful women there!!! I had a blast and <3 all the hot dommes there that I was fortunate to see again and meet!!   Such cool ladies…..  I am going to have to make some videos with them next time I go to NY- Yep, it is going to happen.  I have decided.

I also must say there was some more kinky fun waiting for me when I got back – to my sweet sweet personal slave, You took your punishment like a champ. Your agony makes my parts throb and I cannot help it. mahaha!!

Unfortunately, now that I am back home, I have a laundry list of things to buy and do and help out with…. it seems my mattress has taken a turn for the worst and is far overdue replacing… I will get to that – until then, a nightly dose of tylenol to sleep should do the trick lol. If I develop a hunchback from it – I don’t want to hear any shit about it!! Also on my mind, my oldest dog has some arthritis issues acting up, breaks my heart to see him hurt… bah!! And one of my family members is now hospice status – needless to say, things have been sad/ and wearing… its messing up my mojo. I’m trying to stay focused…

Now that I am back in the warm weather: Bikini shopping!! on the to do list!! ….I need to find me some good all black wedges for that too…. Open to suggestion… hmm…

Special thanks to:
my dear friend Stephen Elliot for letting me stay as his houseguest – I had a lovely time with you in your home!! So kind:)

(Ah! SJ- dear SJ, it was a pleasure seeing you, I know my stay there was brief, but well, spent, I would say. I like to MAXIMIZE my time with you, you know;)) ;* You are ever so thoughtful in so many ways.

Also, thank you to slave Gary, your service was very helpful indeed!! You are a gem! Such a good slave boy – so attentive. 🙂

And Matt, your company was unexpectedly more pleasant that I had originally anticipated, was a breath of fresh air – I thoroughly enjoyed myself and our time together! I look and smell good, and its your fault!



Oh – and also – I forgot to mention – If you want more of me – I have just started to post on Twitter and Instagram!!
Follow me;)


I also will put travel updates on Hogspy soon – so you can also catch me there!

If you would like to book a session, message me at

To those ignorant enough to not know, let me clarify to you bitches:

VIDEOS are NOT the same as SESSIONS!!!!

I recreate fantasies on film to feed your perversions- you will see me do some things on film that I will NOT under any circumstance do in sessions. Don’t be disrespectful and ask me to partake in and activities that are illegal!!!!!

I am a DOMINATRIX – NOT an escort. I DO NOT offer ANY sexual services!!!
(For the dimwitted: No sex, NO Contact with my orifices, I wouldn’t want your slave germs on me anyways, NO HJ, NO FJ, etc… You get the point – if you have to ask me, assume I DO NOT allow it.)
Basically, ANY sexual act you do with your vanilla girlfriend/ wife/ escort/ friend with benefits, you WONT get from me.

IF you have a wardrobe request, nude is NOT a wardrobe.

Side Note:
I may post on social media and on my blog about the things I do in MY spare time with MY Personal play partners. Just because I keep you privy to such information/ show you my own private pictures about my personal fun, does not mean that is something I will do in session. It WON’T happen. DON’T ask.
Yes, I am into the BDSM lifestyle and I am a Pro Domme. Understand that lifestyle play (what I do in my private time) is DIFFERENT than what takes place professionally, in sessions.

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  1. slave gary says:

    Hi Mistress Tangent,

    Thanks oh so much for the shout out!! In reality the pleasure was all mine!! It was such fun serving You and treating You like someone of Your stature deserves to be treated. i hope that You will allow me to serve You again!

    slave gary

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