Musings After My Productive Time in Chicago


General Thoughts– Hello there, Dirty Birds – I’ve finally managed to wind down long enough to put some words to the page! I do try to stay busy, you know. I must say – I applaud myself (and my wonderful work partner) for putting such vigorous effort into the launch of this site. (Yes, I said vigorous-I see you; already thinking dirty… terrible!) I did have such fun working with (and abusing the shit out of) all lovely deviants; there were ever so many… making people howl just puts me in the best of moods! EXCITED!

5 Responses to “Musings After My Productive Time in Chicago”

  1. Lance says:

    Number 1 fan here!! Use my big balls Mz. T.

  2. Lance says:

    Ray Donavan rocks! Great show! When our vids are posted I am going to have a CD slut suck me as I view it. Will not be the same without Mz. T.

  3. slave eric says:

    Wow! i’d love to be YOUR bitchboy! Any plans to be back in Chicago anytime soon?

    • Mistress Tangent says:

      As you, know, I am a fan of bitch boys… Don’t know when I’ll b back – but I do post updates on here with my schedule and as changes occur. Hope that helps!

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