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Sorry Yet?

Mistress Tangent has Her big balled submissive strapped to the chair. He has a humbler cinched around his big balls and She is fixing to have Her way with them. Her perfect natural breasts bobble and strain in Her bra as She moves to get some yellow rope and then binds his balls and stretches the rope to his collar so they are perfectly positioned for Her to step on with Her beige high heels. She lets him snack on the bottom of Her shoe and then removes it so he can sniff and suck it.

Mistress Tangent fastens a deep O ring gag into the slave and then lights up a small cigar with a long torch. She blows some smoke in his face and gets the ember burning brightly and then torments his big ball sack with it. He gurgles and cries around his gag and She laughs and blows smoke down his throat as She continues to torment his seemingly indestructible balls. Her cigar goes out but She lights it back up and continues to torment him with smoke play.


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