Sin- A- Rama.. and other happenings


Hello my pet,
I had a lovely weekend, busy, though it was. Had some family in town, capitalizing on my time, but I must say, I did pretty well and still managed to squeeze in some kinky fun!!!

On thurs My sis and I attended a breast cancer charity event! I won one of the silent auctions!!! Wheee!! Save the tatas!

Friday night I got to see my dear friend, Severa! Maha! We went to Sin-A-Rama in phoenix, indulged in some people watching and enjoyment of all the fun school girl, nun, devil, priest, and other sinful attire being paraded around. It was a good time!

Other than that, I took some modeling gigs…. I must say, I think I’ll be weening off of those… I feel like unless I get some amazing pics I can use for myself, why bother…. time/vs money… not looking as “worth it” much more to me, at least not as a source of income… Plus, it really is a good reminder to myself to only do what I enjoy. ….Just standing in heels looking pretty is becoming over rated… TBD..

THANK YOU THANK YOU SJ, for the brand new mattress!!! HOLY GOD, it is incredible, I can actually get a good nights rest!!! aaaahh! I am soooo excited and happy about it!! I LOVE THIS THING!! its like sleeping on a cloud!! …. shoot… I may have to take it easy on you for a little while, since you’ve been so incredibly good, lol.


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If you would like to book a session, message me at

To those ignorant enough to not know, let me clarify to you bitches:

VIDEOS are NOT the same as SESSIONS!!!!

I recreate fantasies on film to feed your perversions- you will see me do some things on film that I will NOT under any circumstance do in sessions. Don’t be disrespectful and ask me to partake in and activities that are illegal!!!!!

I am a DOMINATRIX – NOT an escort. I DO NOT offer ANY sexual services!!!
(For the dimwitted: No sex, NO Contact with my orifices, I wouldn’t want your slave germs on me anyways, NO HJ, NO FJ, etc… You get the point – if you have to ask me, assume I DO NOT allow it.)
Basically, ANY sexual act you do with your vanilla girlfriend/ wife/ escort/ friend with benefits, you WONT get from me. I only play safe, sane, and consensually.

IF you have a wardrobe request, nude is NOT a wardrobe.

Side Note:
I may post on social media and on my blog about the things I do in MY spare time with MY Personal play partners. Just because I keep you privy to such information/ show you my own private pictures about my personal fun, does not mean that is something I will do in session. It WON’T happen. DON’T ask.
Yes, I am into the BDSM lifestyle and I am a Pro Domme. Understand and respect that lifestyle play (what I do in my private time) is DIFFERENT than what takes place professionally, in sessions.

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