Recalling December in NY


Oh man,

I am finally sitting here with enough time and my ducks in a row to give you details on my past trip to NY!  Wow.  Where to begin…

Well, I did visit with my bestie, she and I have a tendency to find all kinds of fun when traveling.  We sampled  some amazing dining locations, Sen, L’artusi, several really cool speak easies… so on and so forth. We went to Webster Music hall and some other live music venues –  Loved it!  I even managed to squeeze in a date with a handsome stranger (who has no idea what a freak I am…  lol) …  I would say, this was ultimately my favorite trip down to NY.  I even managed to dress accordingly for the light sprinklings of snow – which is saying something – do recall, I am from Arizona, after all –  So, that’s pretty much a big deal, being able to dress for the cold…  I did well all days except the day it snowed the most and I decided some open high heels and soft pants that touch the floor were a good idea…. that was horrible….  well – I can’t win them all…. lesson learned.

What I really loved about this trip though, were the wonderful people I encountered!!! (HINT HINT: If you saw me during Dec 12-16, I had an amazing time with you!!)  I swear – everyone was wonderful!  I felt so lucky and spoiled (in a good way) – from the amazing hospitality and massages, gifts, to the sinful/ healthy foods, to the great energy and overall good feelings – I freaking live for it!  *Basking in the glow*  mmmmm….

I can’t wait to visit again, as soon as the snow and the cold start to tone down!!!

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