Random Rant pt. 1


ok…. I must say, I don’t normally like to be in the habit of ranting, as I deem it unladylike, unprofessional, and in most cases, just plain tacky. That being said, I still feel like blowing off some steam…. (shakes head) .. I know, I know, call me a hypocrite, but, here we are. Don’t get used to it.

I was recently put in this situation, that made me realize some qualities in myself that I had not, prior, believed existed. ….So.. I had been conversing with a woman who was interested in being my “lover” (her words, not mine), this woman was also interested in domming my personal slave as well, and as such we would both dom him together, specifically. Now – this is all well and good, under most circumstances (I am pansexual, after all – and, I am not going to lie, one hell of a sharer – in all aspects of life…not to say I throw myself around to whomever, just because I feel like it – I am very exclusive, so much so, that it is often a point of pride.) With that being said, shortly after her introducing her intentions (with, under, most circumstances – if I were interested, would be without consequence.) NOW. Here is where my eye started to twitch. You come to my doorstep and want ME & MY PERSONAL SLAVE and then have the AUDACITY to tell me (without any prior knowledge, interaction, etc) that “I can tell he is going to need lots of training” ?????!!!!! BITCH -You have no idea WTF you are talking about. HOW DARE YOU. And you can’t even specify in what, specifically – you don’t even know what training you want to refine… Hell, you have only heard rumors about what we do – not even a clear cut idea!! ….Then after proceeding to further dig the grave, tell me how you want to basically draw blood, beat him black and blue and whip the tar out of him, and PRIOR to meeting, refer to him as “our slave” ?!! …. I am not amused. NOT ONE BIT. Honestly, at this point, one should be grateful I even have the patience to conduct a civil conversation. GRRR… Ok, ok, my teeth came out after this, and, quite frankly, I was surprised at myself.

Up until this point I have considered myself very good at “whoring out” my slaves to other “sister” mistress’/ female friends. Well, I guess, I have finally found something/ some part of this dynamic that bothered me. RESPECT. I need it. I need to see it. If I don’t feel you are able to do so – to give both Me and mine some level of respect, I, shortly thereafter, deem you unfit/ unworthy of my own, and thus, become possessive/ protective over what I see as “mine”. I didn’t realize how crucial it was to me… didn’t even take myself as the possessive type. ….WTF… Well, I guess we can’t be all things at once…

Note to self: FUCK SELF ENTITLED BITCHES (this applies to bitches of both sex’s to be clear. …I love ladies… F BITCHES.)


OK.. I am done for tonight. That is my rant. I also have one more rant to get out of me – but it is late, and my slave needs another beating. …Pictures to come. 😉

Found my power cord...  Loungin on ma couch in my stockings..

Found my power cord… Loungin on ma couch in my stockings..

its me:) y, hello there...

its me:) y, hello there…

Naughty time at home

Naughty time at home

My Bitch, on ma Dick (Insert ghetto slang accent here)

My Bitch, on ma Dick (Insert ghetto slang accent here)

Bask in it.  Me at dinner.  The way things should be.

Bask in it. Me at dinner. The way things should be.

Boring/ normal me :)

Boring/ normal me 🙂

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  1. slave gary says:

    Mistress Tangent,

    If i may respectfully disagree with You, there is nothing boring about You!!!

    slave gary

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