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After my latest trip to San Diego and LA , which was a whirlwind-  I had the luxury of playing at Domina Angelina’s Servitus and Lady Hilary’s Dominion, I had the most unique wonderful kink-ish party experience at my LA friends’ pad for his birthday.  (Think Rome/ Spartacus meets kinky truth or dare- “hail Cesar!” That was an unforgettable party!) it was so nice to sit back an watch the delightful debauchery ensue.
I also had the pleasure of shooting for the legendary Lexi Sindel‘s wicked site Femdom Empire– I shot with my live-in personal slave an let him worship Me before railing his ass an whipping and caning the tar of him:) coming soon;)  For more details about the vile things I do to him in my personal time, you can check out on his blog.
My birthday wound up being really awesome- all of it!! I had such a fun time having a home cooked meal at my sisters house, celebrating w family / my cousins/ neighbors an friends was priceless. For the weekend my mom treated me to my first skydiving adventure- holy god was it incredible!!! What a rush!  There is nothing in life I have  experienced quite like that!  After coming down in one piece, I have determined, I will definitely be doing that again soon.  I also celebrated during the weekend w a girls night out w two o my girls. My personal slave made a great chauffeur after our good time.
In NY, I was a busy lady! Squeezing in as much kink as I could! Then the DOILA 20th yr anniversary party was delightful!  Lots of naughty pets to play with! I was enjoying myself with all the kinky play at the party, I missed out on the events- I didn’t get to see the slave Olympics or any of the performances, but at least I had fun! An it was a pleasure reuniting with the lovely Cybil Troy and Elena Deluca, Alexa complex, Cassandra,  an so many other wonderful women!
Special thanks to
SJ for the early birthday custom made thigh high leather jean gaborit boots!! I cherish them deeply!! O an my favorite,orchids, I was ecstatic!
My Jimmy, for the exquisite Ruger .357!  You always look out for me in the most practical ways- it warms my heart… And my belly-  I can’t wait to have u take me shooting with it!
Robert, for the weekend of pampering at the spa and shopping- the Northbound and Marciano leathers are my favorites of all the beautiful things I took home, but all in all- everything  was beautiful- I had an amazing weekend – lol the birthday care package of random usefulness was on point!
thrill, thank u for the naughty latex top n skirt, I can assure u, you will see that in a video sometime!  An the pencil skirt is o so convenient!
Stephen, thank u for keeping your doors open for me, and for the sweet humbler and sexy time clothes and the food runs!!! An for sharing ur movies with me- you did beautifully on them- I hope you get invited to those film festivals- I get dibs on going with you!!
sub AP- I am so excited  by the open leather top – you’ll definitely be seeing that in a vid sometimes  too!
D, for treating me to dinners, showing me a good time in the city, an that beautiful latex dress!
sub Brett, for the bomb latex corset!
philly boy, I LOVE the amazing fetish heels – I can’t wait till they arrive!!

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