Piece of Meat



Piece of Meat

The most beautiful Mistress Tangent is clad in leather skirt, tunic top and a pair of black patent stiletto high heels. Her sturdy slave is on the desk laying there like a piece of meat with a leather harness around his cock. She orders him to stand and works him over a bit with Her stilettos up the back of his leg and then spanks him soundly with Her hand. She orders him to lay face down and tramples him. Terrific full weight trample by Mistress Tangent. She swings a foot out so he can lick the bottom of Her shoes.

Her human carpet groans under Her stiletto spike heels as Mistress Tangent works him over. She removes Her tunic top and continues to torment him on top via trample. She takes Her heels off and hard tramples and jumps on him in Her garter and stockings after taking off Her leather skirt. Hard stomping and good camera angles. A treat for trample fans.

Trample in garter and hose continues with an emphasis on foot worship and foot domination. She moves to seat herself and unhooks a garter. She orders Her slave to softly and gently remove Her stocking with his mouth. He dutifully obliges and removes the other the same way. She moves to dominate his mouth with Her bare feet. Her red, well-manicured toenails disappear deep into his mouth as he sucks Her toes. She moves him to the desk after he worships Her beautiful size 7 feet and stis down on his face. She removes Her bra and stretches, sitting heavily and cutting off his air.

Mistress Tangent is seated on his face, cutting off his air, and begins to belly punch him. He tries to twist away but She is an expert and Her thighs have his face locked under Her ass and pussy. She laughs and rains punches into him. She turns and humiliates him under Her ass, reaching back to scratch him and twist on his nipples. He is groggy from being smothered under Her ass and is moved down to the floor because She is not quite done with him. She puts on those gorgeous pair of black patent stiletto pumps and tramples him some more, paying special attention to his now freed cock.


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