OMG. SO much to tell you…later


OMG!!! I have to say I have a ton of news for you puppet!! so much!!  but I am on my way to mexico right now and I will not have internet access or phone access until I get back after the 30th!!


I am writing this quickly, before I go – I’ve definitely got lots to share with you. I won’t be able to share it all before I go off to Mexico.

I will update you about my Birthday (9/9) which just passed and all the goings ons, shooting w/ Femdom Empire, and also the fun DOILA party in NYC celebrating the 20th anniversary

I got lots of beautiful Birthday gifts which I will be sure to show you and thank all my sweet pets for!!!

Some playtime stories!

what else…. Those were the big ones!

O and travel updates!! I will be coming to ATL for DomCon and I will be in CHICAGO the week of the 20th!  whee!

MUCH MUCH more detail to come!!

for now, a couple pics.

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