My week



I totally forgot to mention- while I was in NY, I was lucky enough to have played at cyn studio – mmmmhmmmm…. rocked my socks – it is such a beautiful place!  I will totally be back!

During my weekly adventures I had a crazy time catching caterpillars for my nephew to “set free” in the park lol.  I didn’t know it was caterpillar season! I scared myself when I was gingerly attempting to corral the squirmy little suckers.  ….I can be such a pussy sometimes..

I must say, I have had quite the fun week.  Had all kinds of naughty, kinky fun using sick boys, doing all kinds of terrible things…You know I was dressed for the occasion..

Oh! Also, I was sooooooooo excited!! My whip finally came in!!!! WHEEEEEE!!! 8 foot BEAUTIFUL green (my favorite color) and black bull whip!!  Ugh…. excuse me, while I go change my panties, it seems they have gotten all wet with the thoughts of lovely searing pain and delight to come……  (THANK U THANK U Jimmy!!!!)

Also  – Thank you Don, for the wonderful shoes!! Soo cute:)

Such delicious naughtiness…

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