My Vacation in Mexico

I love to vacation in Mexico.  Extapa, obispo, Hermosillo, puerto peñasco, mazatlan, San Jose, Cabo San Lucas, villa hidalgo… All of it. So many different cities, towns, an villages, so much different flavor.  Sometimes I like to go to the resort towns and live it up luxuriously or go off the beaten path, sometimes I feel like going to a remote village and unplugging from society, like this most recent trip.  I went to a big lake near tiny village about 2 hrs from Hermosillo. The kind of place where there are barely any street signs, no maps, and treacherous, narrow, shoulderless, rocky dirt roads leading along the mountains.
My family has a cabin by this large lake- an it is like having a front row seat to paradise.  Ugh. The location is not only bliss, it is Soo convenient not only to survey the beautiful lake, but also to  launch a boat.  I basically enjoy fishing, relaxing, driving around on the boat, horseback riding, kayaking, exploring, an swimming while there.  I love it.
The only catch is that paradise comes with scorpions (over 20.. I lost count), black widows (5), tarantulas- the good guys (3), rattlesnake (1, which nearly bit … Which I ate.) an iguana…an many many more creepy crawlers- those were just the ones of note. But you know what, paradise is worth it.
I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you- just know, I had an amazing time!  … Now to gear up for my childhood friend’s wedding in North Carolina for the weekend….
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