My Past NY trip (Expansion Pack)


I have now sufficiently rested ma bones to share with you my NY trip and its adventures.

I will pretense this by stating: Yes, I am a foodie.  This means, I will take a ridiculous amount of food pictures – DEAL WITH IT!!!!! When someone such as myself spends a RIDICULOUS amount of money on food, I feel as though I must console myself by keeping “trophies”  – because otherwise, you realize you’ve dropped hundreds/ thousands  on food and have nothing to show for it – its no good for the soul; hence- TROPHIES!  Documentation… sometimes its the only thing I have left in place of a real memory. ….For those of you who know me, I have a HORRENDOUS memory… so, there we are..

My first day in NY, I got in some kinky fun – as you can get a hint from the pic.  I damn near temporarily abandoned my subby to go run down to the nearest bar or restaurant for a drink – unfortunately, I realized I am at a disadvantage, not knowing the neighborhood, so resigned to untying him and having him show me the town…

As my trip went on I sampled many lovely food places – SO MANY GOOD FOOD ADVENTURES!!!  I was unaware NY had such an array of options – its one thing to think “NY is the melting pot of cultures…blah, blah, blah..” and a whole ‘nother to actually experience it! I had Polish, Puerto Rican, Thai, Japanese, American Fusion, Italian, Mexican…. and some others I can’t recall.  Incredible.

I lost my phone for a couple days- creating some chaos/ change of plans for me; Highly inconvenient – I do not recommend.

I had some smokin’ hot sessions!! Smother, Latex, Degradation, Humiliation, BDSM, Strap-on, Sissification and more, Oh My!!!  mmm….. God yes… Nothin’ to get my juices flowing like some sexy, dirty kink!  UGH!! I love to make men (and women…well, anyone, really) quiver, shiver, and ache under Me!!! It drives me WILD!

I did have some allergy issues spoil my comfort for some time- nothing a $600/night hotel on the fly can’t fix, apparently.  Still – that’s two sushi dinners/ night extra I could have had… *sigh*  well, Lesson learned :  (Cats + Me = NO GOOD)  …Although, I must say, the nasty looks I got from the well-to do, business-class folks as I poured my unkempt/ un-made-up self (wearing nothing more than a shirt which barely covered the un-mentionables and some sandals)  into the lobby after too-late a night, to ask for an extra night, was priceless… “Carry on, people – go back to work!! I have some sleep to catch up on!  As you were!”

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  1. Jack says:

    You are so beautiful it hurts!!! I love the hint of danger peeking over the countertop in the bunny phone pic.

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