Merry XXXmas!


Hello there –

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!  I hope your holiday has been prosperous!  I am still needing to get my pics from my past trip for you -but then again, I haven’t had time to go to get my computer fixed with all the extra errands of Christmas and car shopping since my accident!  Ugh!  O well..  I will!! Hopefully tomorrow!

Thank you, thank you Jimmy, you are freakin wonderful – I am soooo excited about the latigo flogger! I love the fun we have!!  And thank you thank you sub c for the home computer, it has been a lifesaver since I broke my laptop and cracked the screen – I go to the apple store tomorrow to see if I can recover my pics from my NY trip, I would love to say thank you for that and the holiday gifts.  An to my sweet sweet personal sub, thank you for offering your body an self to me for your gift, I was honored to torture and try you for all you had- It was amazing. …mmmm…

Excited to travel to Vegas, it is going to be chaos!!  Well, in the meantime – here are some pics for a magazine spread I did this month.  A gift for your spank bank, pervert!

Waiting for Santa- I have been such a good girl!

Waiting for Santa- I have been such a good girl!

My xmas wear for the magazine.

My xmas wear for the magazine.

backside of My personal's xmas whipping :)

backside of My personal’s xmas whipping 🙂

My personal's booty after the xmas whipping endured!

My personal’s booty after the xmas whipping endured!



3 Responses to “Merry XXXmas!”

  1. slave gary says:

    Great interview Mistress Tangent!!

  2. Peter says:

    Hello mistress you are so beautiful and so sexy,please use me for your femdom session,pls reply to your loyal slave my royal mistress bye.

  3. slave gary says:

    I do hope you had a merry Christmas!!

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