Lost in Space Now Back to Basecamp!!



I have had quite the ride in NY!! Ridiculous.  I tell you, NY is just one of those crazy places – its always really good and really bad- never “regular” or “just ok” – nope.  NY is all extremes for me.  Apologies for not getting up on here sooner, puppet, but seriously  – I blame it on the the chaos and bliss that is NY.  So there.

I start off my trip by loosing my debit card  – right at the beginning of my trip – thank heavens I had the sense to bring a credit card!  I never do that.   So – I now have just my credit card and a tiny little wristlet’s worth of cash to sustain me for the following several days.  O Jeez.  Fingers crossed.

My sexy gf decided to come along with me for a few days – which, when we get together, makes for increased potential  of debauchery and excess…. god help me.    We started off the weekend right, meeting up/ pre-gaming with some of my new NY friends as soon we got our bags in the hotel.  (Special thanks, btw, to the incredibly sweet, helpful front desk-man who was ever so kind to me and upgraded my room for free for the entirety of my stay, so I had enough room to accommodate my friends…. *wink*).  After that it was pure awesome, off to dive into the addictive, seedy underbelly that is NY nightlife. (Lucky for me, my attempt to play cupid for my gf with one of my NY friends was fruitfully rewarded by success (thus, securing some stability to the future of our night/ weekend. lol – I tell you – we get wild when unchecked, it was for the best).  The rest of the weekend I spent with my friend and the new lovebirds, indulging in the amazing food, drink, live music, and art (HOORAY Metropolitan Museum of Art) the city had to offer… during this time I had put my phone down, wilst enjoying some of the local digs the meatpacking district had to offer and my phone grew legs.  … That was a bitch.

After my girl left, I had lots of kinky fun!!  mmmm.. so much… broke some new victims in.. had some good times, warm fuzzies all around!  My only sadness is that I didn’t take more pics – again – I would have but my phone….  🙁  I did get to steal my friends phone for a bit and take a couple pics… hee.. but not many.

Then I went to Chicago for some more fun.

Now in AZ – first day back.  WHEW.  My wings are tired from all this flying.

Gonna re group – got a TONNN o emails to catch up on.




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