killin time in Cali


Hello sluts,

I have been having quite the time in Cali, these past several days shooting and working – been busy!!  I’ve been having lots of  kinky fun  with all you Cali Freaks!   I also had the privilege of shooting with the my friend, the talented Bruce Talbot -that man is just pure magic!

I am also recruiting AZ video slaves  – My business partner, the wonderful Steve Lake, will be coming down to help me shoot loads (pun intended, you nasty slut) of content for you wankers to beat your dirty little bitch sticks off to.  woot!

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  1. J.D. says:

    Dear Mistress Tangent,

    My wife and I would love a long session with you. We are in a suburb of Dallas. What info do I need to give to make this possible?

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