His Hungry Holes



His Hungry Holes

Mistress Tangent sits and casually lights a cigarette. She gestures her slave to crawl in and assume the boot worshiping position he grumbles and licks at her high thigh high black boots. She stands any tongue worships her boots from tip the top. She makes some kiss worship her ass her perfect tight ass. Boot slaves rejoice as She sends him down Her boots to lick and clean and then has him suck the pointy toe like a cock.

The taste of Her black boots is still in his mouth as She orders him to kneel and ties up his cock and balls. She talks sensuously to him and then appears over him with Her big strap-on dangling between Her rock hard thighs. She slaps his face with the cock and then treats his mouth hole like a sailor uses a whore on the dock. He gags and is face fucked with no mercy. She spits in his face and then skull fucks him.

His mouth is practically foaming from the face fucking as She moves him to all fours on the bed and then pulls out a big jar of white lube to grease his slut hole. She smears up the huge rubber cock She is wearing and then proceeds to open his hole. Her perfect huge pierced breasts bob in time with Her hip thrusts. So gorgeous and dominant She smiles and feels alive taking him from behind. Good shots down between Her breasts as we see Her fuck him without mercy.

A minute more of the last of Her fucking his ass and then he is led to the side to kneel flat while She extracts the cum from his balls. His prostate is sore and swollen from the huge deep long strap-on fucking he got and he shoots tremendous load from his bound balls as She holds the ball leash. She manages to extract all of it out onto the black cum board between his legs and sends him down to lick his vile spew up. She makes him an energy drink before he leaves to restore his health and then sits down and lights up a smoke.



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