Happy New Year 2014!!!


Hello hello,

WHEW!!! ok.  I must say my trip to VEGAS was incredible!!  Everything you would want from vegas in a trip!  I traveled with My personal sub and My bestie – we had a blast!  Got  a Presidential suite, and celebrated the day before NYE at Haksaan and Surrender for NYE!!     It was wonderful – you see – the great thing about taking a  sub with,  is the kinky shit you can do after! – Its not easy for a girl like me to go out and about and find the average vanilla guy, only to say “Hey, I know I look like your average girl, but I’m really excited and horny by all the festivities – do you mind if I tie you up and do bad things to you?  Just to satiate my sadistic appetite?  Maybe, you can put my feet in your mouth -Please?! And maybe, if its cool, you will let me violate you too? I promise, it will get me soo turned on….”   Yes… definitely a little more difficult….

On our first night of merrymaking was cut a little short when My personal sub lost something dear to me….   for that I had to punish him.  Soon as I said good night to my bestie (she is vanilla, but knows about me and how I am/ what I do).  I pushed my sub into the room, slammed him against the giant bathroom mirror then proceeded to drag him by his hair to the bed.  I swear, I had no choice but to face slap him until he could take no more -I do believe that could very well be one of the hardest barraging of face slaps I have ever delivered- THAT is saying something.  It was the most aroused I have been from a face slapping alone…When we woke, he had two light black eyes and chipmunk cheeks for the next 5 days….   In the morning I treated him to some bondage and a good ass pounding and bath. (See – I DO have a sweet side!!)    My girlfriend surveyed the aftermath, once we were in  vanilla mode again and exclaims to me, “T, you are a barbarian!” LOL…. Yes. I am.

On New Years at Surrender, I totally had a blast – my GF an I were dancing fools!  We met lots of interesting people and celebrated the NEW YEAR in style!  After that I was on Bestie duty and kept an eye on her, being a social butterfly and all.

After that there was definitely some recovery necessary, I believe the morning after we woke, we were slugs at a buffet for about 4hrs in our sunglasses, then nap time again and a nice meal at Japonais…  yes.

After we got home we were in veg mode.  I still needed to unpack and get ALL KINDS of house errands done.  … On the bright side, I have a new personal sissy maid – soon to be office slut too- that was soo helpful in finding  me a firewire – SOOOOO DIFFICULT to find btw….   and has also been good at chores! Whee!

Now, to get ready for my upcoming trip to San Diego and LA!


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  1. Jack says:

    Trust me, you looking NOTHING like the average girl! The scenario you described of picking up a vanilla guy and violating him is the stuff dreams are made of…I’d love to role-play that if you’re ever in San Francisco.

  2. xslave says:

    Ooh goddess tangent it such an honor u share ur life with us n.n i love how u are and i would love to chat with you sometime.. I know i ask for alot but it would be a huge honor and i would love it…anyway u are anazing!!! For real n.n

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