Getting Ready for the Party (Repost)


Hello sweet slut,
I am not sure if this posted correctly the first time I put it up, on the 16th, so just in case, I am reposting it. Don’t worry though, I have another post with the update of the party/ after party coming to you shortly.)

….ok – nope – I definitely put this up on the wrong server the first time around…. F….. OK. well, here u go then.

I realize I haven’t been as diligent as I should have been in sharing – though, I can say – I do keep up with my twitter and instagram – so you can get your daily fill of me through there aswell.  I’m easily distracted, what can I say….  and when you are having all the fun I have been having, “distracted” would be putting it lightly.

Where to start? what have you missed???? hmm… ok..

Well, since I last posted, I have
Been to San Diego – got my kink on with them Cali perverts… mmmhmm.. Had a lovely valentines dinner n beatdown with my Personal Slave.

Been to Dallas – had an lovely time there! thank you to all the awesome dirty slave boys for all the kinky fun, thank you Ilyusha for the servitude/ tour of the city, I had a great time using you and going out on the town.

Been to DC – Did a bomb shoot for, a ballbusting (schoolgirl) shoot, and met lots of lovely dirty boys to abuse!!!  I stayed in DC North West, and saw an ate all kinds of amazing incredible food – F the dirty snow, though… thank god it started looking nice again.

Back to AZ –  Got my kink in with my hometown slaves.  Loving this warm weather – skimpy clothes and bikinis, here I come –  now, time to buckle down in the gym – gotta keep things looking right when I’m walking round half naked in public, you know.

Today: Going to EPIC Elegance (a Fetish Event) tonight, in AZ.  I will be wearing an AWESOME outrageous SEXY catsuit from LatexCatfish  Go Check them out!! Hot latex – super affordable and they can do made-to-measure – Mine fits perfectly!!!!!    I will have pics from the party for you later – I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!  Hopefully some debauchery ensues…

Keep an eye on my twitter feed- I update on there more frequently!


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