I feel as though some might need a little extra help when contacting Me.
Understand that I am a lady of very particular tastes.  Granted, my tastes are highly varied and well developed in practice and preference.  Now, it is fortunate that I have such a broad spectrum of activities and subjects which bring me great joy and excitement, yet it seems there are still some who feel it is difficult to break through the communication barrier and be acknowledged or be taken seriously.  This is largely in part due to one’s lack of appropriate/ respectful etiquette or poor approach.

Now, call me old fashioned, but I believe it is the upmost importance to surround myself with quality individuals, (versus a large quantity).  I am selective, yes.  I should be.  My time and energy is limited and my skills and assets are many.

Its true, I DO NOT give out my number unless I have already deemed you a possible suitable match with me and you have already left a deposit for your session, thus proving you are willing to be held accountable for the requested date and time you have requested, and as a gesture of good faith that you will indeed be in attendance to our agreed upon rendezvous.

I only accept those I feel would be a good match with me for a session, thus ensuring (at the very least) my own satisfaction and enjoyment. (Though if I have chosen appropriately, as I have been very fortunate to do so with a consistent level of  success, thus far, then this means W/we will both have a great time.)


Here are some little helpful hints.


1.Informal/Random statements – They display a lack of effort.  It is of some distaste to me; if you are not willing to put in some effort and write several well formed respectful statements introducing yourself, the reason for your contacting me, what you hope to achieve or how you hope to be of service, perhaps divulging some interests you have, in which you think I will also enjoy, then do not expect me to take you seriously.
2.What’s your rate?  How much do you charge? – If THIS is how you hope for our first interaction to start off with – then I am probably NOT INTERESTED in seeing someone like you.   You may call any local house dungeon and ask rates before asking what a mistress of your choice (if you even went so far as to do your research) is available.  This is NOT how I work.  See the previous paragraph.
3.Can you call me?  call me?  txt me. – No.  I don’t know you. I don’t know if I will enjoy your company or if we even have the same interests.  I am interested in those who have done their research and has put time, care, and effort into voicing a request to see me.  You may start at square one  – see paragraph 1.
4.No same day bookings.  Nope.  I do not like to be rushed, my day is busy and often already planned out before it begins.  I appreciate those who have taken time in advance to do their research and contact me in a timely manner (often before I arrive to a location, as I am typically pretty booked before I arrive.)  It is to both our benefits, so I may be appropriately prepared as well.  If you miss me this trip, you may ask to be notified upon my next trip or just keep an eye on my travel dates.
5.”Whatever you want to do/ No limits” – I don’t think you TRUELY mean this.  Not unless you have a true service slave/ service submissive’s heart (Which is rare.)  Keep in mind I am a natural HEAVY SADIST.  I might just so have a whim to do some serious ball busting or needle play or corporal punishment that day….  It would be unwise of you just to throw your body to my complete mercy without having met me yet.  “No limits” is something I only take seriously in my personal life (as I do live the BDSM lifestyle 24/7) and is the type of play that can only take place when there is a deep trust and understanding of each other and what can be done, thus pushing past previous hard limits, one at a time, never breaking that trust.  ….Unless you are a complete floor mat.  In which case, I encourage you to make informed decisions when choosing a play partner.  Have no self respect and I will treat you as such, with out respect, an object to be used and abused.  But if you have respect for yourself, I will acknowledge that also and value you in a different light.
I hope you were able to take some valuable information away from this little snippet;*

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For Sessions:
If you are interested in seeing me for a personal fetish session, contact me before I come to your area. BE SURE TO INCLUDE your location to which I will be traveling to, interests, limits, and any other questions you may have for me.

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