EPIC weekend


I will say – I had such a great time this weekend.  All kinds of awesome debauchery, muahaha!!!

Kicked off the weekend on a great start – the awesome sub C, who took me to Dallas n spoiled me, also got me some sweet Klawtex latex – which totally just arrived!! mahahaha! SEXY latex!!!  whee!!  Check it out!  Then, later Friday, my personal sub got into town and I invited my girlfriends over for some good old fashioned partying, unfortunately  (or fortunately) for him, he ended up spending the night chained to the foot of my bed to sleep on the floor like a dog.  Next day was the event EPIC BDSM 2013 party – Had a blast there- saw lots of friends and made some new ones too, in fact, we all had quite the fun “afterparty”    – didn’t get home until 8am- felt like a vampire, repelled by the sun, but sometimes, life  happens.

Gearing up to shoot some nasty, repugnant visual corruption for the masses this weekend!  It is going to be rich!  Pray for the poor souls of the video slaves who are going to be defiled and damaged this weekend.  hehehehe;)

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  1. Michael Fredericks says:

    i absolutely Love Your look Mistress. Better than Any other Domme on the planet. WOW. Dallas looks Great. Think You would LOVE Toronto, Canada. Fourth largest City in North America and heavily into Fetish Play. Northbound Leather’s IKINK is the World largest Fetish Night. There are many more events throughout the year.

    Please consider visiting our Fair City, hopefully soon. Winters are fun and it would be a genuine Honour to assist in any way i could. i can tell by viewing a few of your clips that You are a very Wise, Special and Unique (one in a billion) Tormentress (and Oh So Beautiful…..)

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