EPIC Elegance Party and NYC, Baby!


My oh my, I must say – this past weekend was crazy!!! When I left you, I was preparing for the EPIC Elegance party/ fetish event in AZ. I had just received my awesome red devil, inflatable breasted latex catsuit from LatexCatfish. i loved it right away, it fit great and BOOM was definitely an attention-getter:) I wound up taking my personal slave and my (vanilla) friends with me to the party! I met up with some of my GF’s you are familiar with: Mistress’ Kate, Ivy, and Severa. We enjoyed the night and there was all kinds of juicy public (and non-public) debauchery! mahaha!! Needless to say, it was a great night!!

After that, there was some gearing up for my NY trip, from which I have just returned. NY was wonderful, as usual!! I got in a TON of AWESOME kink with my nasty NY peeps, made some new friends to play/ party with, enjoyed the time I had with some of my previous friends, ate out at some amazing restaurants – thx Jamie for feeding me, I have fun toying with you – I can’t help it. Thank you Gary for the treats!

Ultimately, I had a blast! I worked hard and played hard – whew. Time for some R&R now….

Helping my sister, Mistress Demi, move this week – so I will still be busy – Can you imagine: Me moving boxes and cleaning?! Preposterous…only for family!!!! Gotta show them you care…

… Now, to get to all them emails…. I am way behind: I tend to be 90% booked before I make a trip somewhere, so when I am actually on that trip, I am SUPER busy, then after I get to handle the aftermath of what I have missed while I am back..

Time to catch up…

BY THE WAY::: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SJ for my beautiful AMAZING Mac Book Pro Laptop computer!!!! U are incredible – I am going to have to show my appreciation next time I see you….After I make you suffer under Me, that is – we will make sure it is soon… xoxo

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  1. slave gary says:

    Hi Mistress Tangent,

    Thanks so much for the shout out!! i feel so honored that You took the time to mention me!! On Your next visit i plan on pleasing You even more!

    Thanks again,
    slave gary

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