Chillin in NY


as I sit here, waiting for an obedient slave to go pick up a space heater, while my fingers turn to slow moving icicles, I smile. I am not going to lie, this particular trip to NY has been very different for me. I admit – I didn’t bring my GF in crime with me on this trip – so, as a plus, I have been good at focusing more on work/ sessions and dedicated play time… (vs Party time).. I have been productive and have met/ revisited many awesome people. …. Hell – I am not going to lie, I am lucky to meet such wonderful people… and of course, to do such terrible things to them…. SERIOUSLY. Ahhh.. feels good. Hell – where one slave drops the ball, it gives way for another to be helpful= I get to punish one (:D) and reward/ show appreciation to the other (:D). MMMMM. Just feels good all around.

Also, reflecting back on some of this, as a side note:
I think because I am so laid back and easy going that people mistake my kindness for weakness. I am just ME. I do not feel the need to be cold and commanding with a harsh booming voice – If I want something done, I ask for it (often politely) in a normal tone. I will even give a certain amount of leeway to what I ask to be done- to err is human, I know. Now, if one decides to SLACK, write off, or, god forbid, leave a task unfinished…. Then we have problems. After that I am given no choice but to verbally and/or physically be cruel. Granted – if this is something you want/ are more responsive to – by all means, tell me ahead of time- I can/ enjoy that in its own right/ do such things naturally – I don’t have to be mad/ in a bad mood to go there. BUT- if I am crossed and you do piss me off – now you’ve summoned a hell bitch that you just can’t unsummon until retribution is executed.

I assure you – in my personal life I can be much more cruel both physically and mentally and violent than you see in my videos…MUCH. I enjoy it (well, only when it is a willing participant…but still.) I am definitely a woman of my word – If I say I will do something – I have full intention of following through.

Thank you SJ, Matt, an my personal slave for being the inspirations for this post.

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