Chicago Round 2


I am sitting here with my business partner with his dogs as we wait for the next willing victim to arrive for the next shoot here, in Chicago, I reflect on the sweet time I have had here.

Let me start by saying, it has been a PLEASURE meeting the beautiful and talented Mistress Desiree and working with the lovely Apprentice Mistresses Khalessi and Naomi during my stay, at The Continuum– I know I am not done with my Chicago trip – and I still have lots of filth to shoot, but I can say, so far – it has been an awesome time!!!  I have ventured around to local eateries and a couple of bars with friends, hell, I only had to throw one drink in the face of one scumbag asshole who was not minding the “personal bubble.”   I have met so many wonderful dirty boys here!  maha!! Love the fun I have been having with them!!

I am looking forward to going to my first Cubs game tomorrow, after another full day of shooting!  Whoo!!

As far as where we left off…  hmm..

I have been trying to get fit again, just starting back at the gym a little bit and also hiking!  Woot!  been working hard.  …. Although,  the awesome Femdom Pool party at Mistress Kate’s place, with the free flowing libations and Vegas on Memorial day weekend may have been a set back – lots of pool time and shopping and fun with sexy friends and good food and drink… and Chicago with the friends and the going out… too much fun and stuff to do during the travel trips, not enough gym time…  eesh.

O! Yes, regarding my personal life, for those of you who have followed my twitter or fetlife – my personal live-in slave has reached his goal of 66 continuous days of chastity for me and has earned his release (so to speak lol).  On day 65, I promised him hell, and he would have to go through a kinky gauntlet of terrible evils doled out by yours truly, to earn the right to be released – literally and figuratively.  He blogged about it here .    I will be releasing the video documenting his “Day 65: Trial by Fire” soon.  Life ain’t easy being my among my Personal Collection of slaves.  Its not.  In fact, I, sadly, had to let one of my sissy slaves go, its not an easy task, but it had to be done.  Better for all.  We are on good terms:)  Its not all spanks and roses, folks.  Nope.

SJ!!!!!!!  Looking forward to visiting you!  Thank you for the Suite and sexy new leather thong…mmmmmm….
Jonathan  –  thank you for the shopping!!! I love the new bikinis!!  .. And the new lingerie…  ooo la la…  need to post pics of that… I left them at home and am now traveling.. poo – Will post soon
Slave J – I LOVE the kinky red boots mahaha!!
Sub C – The Orchids are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I have them on my dining room table
Sub Brett –  The black wedges are Fierce!!! Mahaha!!  love them.

Oh – and also – I forgot to mention – If you want more of me – I have just started to post on Twitter and Instagram!!
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