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On the Fly Update

Here is a short update as to a little of my shoot activities in NYC, with the Kinky Bunker and with Cyn Studios. When I had recorded this I was waiting to film Alexa Complex in the long overdue smoking POV.  OMG  She is a smoking beast.  HOLY GOD.. I was sitting with my damn eyes bulging from my narrow little scull.  I’ve never seen any one person take in so much smoke and french inhale in one sitting.  The entire room was filled with smoke after. I have been...

What I’m up to

A little update on my agenda this week and next, then things to come! **To clarify: By “Camming” I mean I will be doing a cam show soon – it will be for the MEMBERS of My site ONLY.  Keep your eyes peeled – I’ll announce when, this week.       I also will put travel updates on Hogspy soon – so you can also catch me there! Hogspy For Sessions: If you are interested in seeing me for a personal fetish session, contact me before I come to your area. BE...

In All Seriousness

Well, since I have made it clear I will be sharing with you more behind the scenes action and bloopers/ random musings or updates with you, I wanted to clarify to those of you who decide to meet Me in person, my expectations/ the reality of the situation, before continuing to share more of the fun and madness with you.     I also will put travel updates on Hogspy soon – so you can also catch me there! Hogspy For Sessions: If you are interested in seeing me for...

The Scary Truth!!

Alas, Here I go, shattering your sweet submissive idealistic image of Me; the TRUTH about my serious, foreboding personality comes out!!! ….Are you ready?  Can you handle it? Enjoy a BTS (Behind the Scenes) view of Me during a light check while filming in Brooklyn at the Kinky Bunker with Betty Pickle, Miss Vivian, The Lucky Slave and Slave Fluffy! I know, I am not the stoic and coldhearted she-beast of your dreams;  I am light-hearted, down to earth and often goofy..very goofy. Yes, I do enjoy the tortures I...

Face Ride



Messing around

Just wanted to test this out – I’m experimenting more with putting video on blog… I might just get the hang of this soon enough – watch out!   Here are some snippets of a couple vids I shot in NYC at the kinkybunker with Miss Vivian and The Lucky Slave  – the vids will be coming to my site!

Let Me know what you think?


Hello there.

In New York City  right now, after this long day of sessions – I was tossing around the idea of introducing the possibility of video blogs –  I did my first pseudo vlog.

Just wanted to gather some insight and opinion on the idea  of this notion. I could be a nice fast easy way to pump on-the-fly video/ behind the scenes out just for the fun of it.

Email me – just let me know what you think/ what you’d like to hear about/ what you would like to see.


Mistress, did you die?!

I have been hearing as of current – “It seems damn near impossible to get a hold of you!” Well, as of late, for some of you, it has been very difficult to get a hold of me. This, I know. Let me provide you with the touch of insight. Some of you may know that I had recently come down with a bout of food poisoning prior to my most recent trip to New York. This put me down for a couple of days. Now, when I travel, as...


I feel as though some might need a little extra help when contacting Me. Understand that I am a lady of very particular tastes.  Granted, my tastes are highly varied and well developed in practice and preference.  Now, it is fortunate that I have such a broad spectrum of activities and subjects which bring me great joy and excitement, yet it seems there are still some who feel it is difficult to break through the communication barrier and be acknowledged or be taken seriously.  This is largely in part due...

Travel Update (As of 10/6/14)

Hello there, Here is my upcoming travel schedule – I am based in Phoenix, AZ– but travel frequently– I will be sure to update for you as changes occur  – because they DO occur.  you are welcome. ;*   UPCOMING TRAVEL for August – September 2014!!! Here’s where I’ll be: To make it easy (I am based in PHOENIX, AZ and available for fetish sessions there,  when not traveling.) Oct 2 – 5:  Charlotte, NC (VAYCAY) Oct 8-12: Atlanta, GA Oct 15 – 18: San Diego/ LA, CA Oct 20 – 26: Chicago, IL Nov 11-14: San Diego,...