AND so it begins….


As you all know, the month of Halloween is upon us!!!!  I cannot be more excited.

As a child, I was barely allowed to celebrate Halloween, since I did have a religious upbringing- and followers of God do not glorify all hallows eve and pagan ritual, despite its current over-commercialism and diluted religious roots .  After years of pleading, my parents finally caved and I was allowed to dress up (but only as positive creations – such as butterflies, spiders, etc.)  Since I have been on my own I have run with it!!! I love me some dress up!

Now I’m torn on what to be for Halloween – granted – when you are a social butterfly, such as myself, one must not stay affixed to the notion of only choosing one thing – there are 31 days in this month, and countless parties and occasions to attend, after all.. I love my go to – the VAMPIRE!  I’m sure you can guess why… fangs to sink into tender, quivering flesh, Red eyes to make you tremble under my gaze, sexy tight leather clinging to my curves!  Yes!!!  (And I guess, if I need to be placed in any family appropriate environments, I could be Tangent, the friendly vampire, as well… lol)

I am also contemplating finding an excuse  to be a COOP devil girl – though I will need to rush order the custom made inflatable devil girl full latex catsuit with inflatable boobies…. which may still be dicey on arrival date – And I would probably only wear it to kink friendly parties, I mean, whats the point of wearing a custom made latex catsuit if no one really appreciates it :/  Granted, it would  look SOOOO cool…

I would also like to be Jade, from the video game Mortal Kombat 9…. I have been a video game nerd since I was small… But no longer; I am a lady now, after all.  I would love emanate one of my favorite badass chick video game characters – it helps that she is hot as hell.  (A little secret: I have learned to sew with a sewing machine JUST so I can make myself this costume – I’m not really the sewing type, however there are no sexy costumes that properly do her justice, so if you can’t get something done right, you make it yourself!)

Still thinking up other ideas……. By all means – if you want to help me out buying any sexy costumes – or dress me up and just buy a costume that YOU  like for Halloween – I won’t stop you (unless your idea sucks)…. I’ll be your barbie!!  lol

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    Very Nice! Check out these sexy costumes this year!

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