Afternoon Layover



Afternoon Layover

Mistress Tangent reclines on slave chocolate. She enjoys the feel of his thickly muscled and huge body, knowing he would lay down and die for Her if She ordered. She leans back and talks to Her girlfriend on the phone, using him as human furniture. She stretches out Her nylon covered feet and uses his face to wipe the bottoms and rest Her soles as She discusses Her social calendar with Her girlfriend on the phone. She hangs up and lights up a smoke, looking so sexy Her breasts filling out the leopard bra and black mini skirt sliding sensuously up Her smoothly muscled, nylon covered thigh. She reaches for a small glass and spits deeply into it and keeps on smoking. Sexy smoking, spitting to fill the glass and using slave chocolate underfoot highlight the next several minutes.

Mistress Tangent mouth fucks slave chocolate with Her nylon covered toes as She spits repeatedly into the small round vial. You can see Her perfectly manicured red toenails through the translucent fabric of Her pantyhose as She rubs and dominates his face with Her size 7 feet. She leans forward and orders him to hold his mouth open. She pours all the accumulated spit from the glass onto the back of his throat and tells him to hold it and then swallow. She stands and removes Her black leather mini skirt and orders him to his knees to kiss and worship Her ass. She sits on the couch and introduces his face to the bottoms of Her feet as She wipes and slaps his face for several minutes. Then She stands and has him huff and kiss the moist pussy beneath the nylon as She holds his head in Her private area tightly and grinds the nylon onto his face. She sits again and fills his breathless mouth with Her feet and then quickly stands to pull him into Her pussy again.

With the scent of Her pussy on his face he is moved to his back on the couch cushion. She is very horny from riding his face with only a few millimeters of nylon and Her teeny thong separating his face from Her moist nether regions. Now with his head back She can take advantage of him with gravity as Her friend. She smothers, bounces and torments his face with Her pussy and ass. She is Queen Tangent riding his face. She faces out, She faces in, all the while astride his face like a prize race horse coming down the stretch. She strips off Her bra and rides his face for a short time then turns and buries his face between Her huge perfect tight breasts. He is dizzy from breast smother and worship as She stands then drops Her ass on his face. She holds the leash attached to his collar and enjoys a good smother. Satisfied, She orders him back to the couch and again resumes talking to a girlfriend using him as a human lounge chair.



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