After Yoga



A few pics Mistress Tangent sent of Her looking super hot after a yoga session and workout. Looking forward to seeing Her next week for four days of filming! – Steve


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  1. Matt R says:

    Is Mistress Tangent going to be doing anymore fetish type videos like this along with the dominatrix stuff? Don’t get me wrong everything on here is great I was just wondering. -Matt

  2. Alexandre Silva says:

    Wow mistress your like a goddess! Those feet are in my dreams. I would very much like sub to you when I move back to the US. I have a big gym shoe fetish so I was just wondering like what was the most smelly shoes you have? I hope will be very thankful if you answer this for me my goddess. I’m VERY big fan and bought all videos you have make so far. Greetings from Brasil <3 and please excuse my English.

  3. Manoj says:

    Mistress pls accept me as your slave.u r the real mistress

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