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Feel the cane from Mistress Tangent

Please enjoy 21 large photos of Goddess delivering caning punishment to this male. These, as well as hundreds of videos and many more large photos are available by joining Goddess at Her website.

The Scary Truth!!

Alas, Here I go, shattering your sweet submissive idealistic image of Me; the TRUTH about my serious, foreboding personality comes out!!! ….Are you ready?  Can you handle it? Enjoy a BTS (Behind the Scenes) view of Me during a light check while filming in Brooklyn at the Kinky Bunker with Betty Pickle, Miss Vivian, The Lucky Slave and Slave Fluffy! I know, I am not the stoic and coldhearted she-beast of your dreams;  I am light-hearted, down to earth and often goofy..very goofy. Yes, I do enjoy the tortures I...

Face Ride



Messing around

Just wanted to test this out – I’m experimenting more with putting video on blog… I might just get the hang of this soon enough – watch out!   Here are some snippets of a couple vids I shot in NYC at the kinkybunker with Miss Vivian and The Lucky Slave  – the vids will be coming to my site!

Breaking Bi

Mistress Tangent sits above Her nasty bisex pig slut, Her black boots gleaming. She tells him to stroke off as he is going to serve as a mouth hole to break slave in that has never been bi. She spits down his throat and he ejaculates onto the bottom of Her boot. He licks it clean and then next scene the clothed slave is being addressed by Mistress Tangent as Her slave hole sits waiting to be used. Mistress Tangent entices him with Her body and orders him to strip....

Let Me know what you think?


Hello there.

In New York City  right now, after this long day of sessions – I was tossing around the idea of introducing the possibility of video blogs –  I did my first pseudo vlog.

Just wanted to gather some insight and opinion on the idea  of this notion. I could be a nice fast easy way to pump on-the-fly video/ behind the scenes out just for the fun of it.

Email me – just let me know what you think/ what you’d like to hear about/ what you would like to see. new and improved



Hello everyone. Happy to say that it is finally done. You can support your Mistress and have even more eyeball searing fun watching Her destroy men!

The new and improved MISTRESS TANGENT is finally up and running. The Mistress Tangent fan gets a full responsive mobile site as well as the Desktop version. Plus, there is adaptive streaming. Stream it anywhere, anytime. I handed a running movie to my brother in law in a restaurant. It was hilarious. A video is worth a million words on how wonderful our most favorite Mistress is…

Here is an advance photo from the shoot last week. She is incredible.. – SteveIMG_3962