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I feel as though some might need a little extra help when contacting Me. Understand that I am a lady of very particular tastes.  Granted, my tastes are highly varied and well developed in practice and preference.  Now, it is fortunate that I have such a broad spectrum of activities and subjects which bring me great joy and excitement, yet it seems there are still some who feel it is difficult to break through the communication barrier and be acknowledged or be taken seriously.  This is largely in part due...

Gearing up

MMMMM  ... Latex Badassery!

Hello there, Well, as you may have guessed, my month is about to get busy!!  I am in LA this week and excited to attend DomCon LA!  This will be my first time, hope all goes well and I get to meet plenty of beautiful and talented Dommes (Hopefully to make videos with in the future and make more video to provoke that hungry mind of yours…and Mine, lol.)  I also look forward to meeting more of LA also! I will be doing several photo shoots, I am very excited...