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Take Two


Take Two Lots of groveling action by two dedicated submissives at the beautiful black high heels of Mistress Tangent. A little competition is a good thing as She proves by making them turn into little worms that are licking and sniveling for attention. She stands and they worship their way right up Her gorgeous toned legs and then are allowed to bury their faces in Her scent front and back as a reward. Ass, foot, leg and shoe worship by two groveling, sniveling slaves both trying to out do each...

OMG. SO much to tell you…later

For the Femdom Empire shoot!  Me n my live-in slave

OMG!!! I have to say I have a ton of news for you puppet!! so much!!  but I am on my way to mexico right now and I will not have internet access or phone access until I get back after the 30th!!   I am writing this quickly, before I go – I’ve definitely got lots to share with you. I won’t be able to share it all before I go off to Mexico. I will update you about my Birthday (9/9) which just passed and all the goings...