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Time Flies When I’m Having Fun

Trying on latex dress at PES store - I didn't get this puppy, but I did get some other amazing pieces!

  O man. I have been having such fun, I almost forgot to post. I left off sometime after Fourth of July. Since then, I have been to Las Vegas, LA, San Diego, and New York city and Brooklyn. So, the next time we talk, I better not hear “what are you doing, Mistress, you are not busy, are you?” Lol. YES. I am busy, I do try to stay busy, as the bills don’t pay themselves, and the more busy I am, the more you see of me :-)....

Travel Schedule (As of 8/24/14)

Shot by Andrew Ried Photo

Hello there, Here is my upcoming travel schedule – I am based in Phoenix, AZ– but travel frequently– I will be sure to update for you as changes occur  – because they DO occur.  you are welcome. ;*   UPCOMING TRAVEL for August – September 2014!!! Here’s where I’ll be: To make it easy (I am based in PHOENIX, AZ and available for fetish sessions there,  when not traveling.) Aug 27 – 29: San Diego, CA Aug 30 – Sept 1: Los Angeles, CA Sept 5 – 7:      ...

Afternoon Layover


Afternoon Layover Mistress Tangent reclines on slave chocolate. She enjoys the feel of his thickly muscled and huge body, knowing he would lay down and die for Her if She ordered. She leans back and talks to Her girlfriend on the phone, using him as human furniture. She stretches out Her nylon covered feet and uses his face to wipe the bottoms and rest Her soles as She discusses Her social calendar with Her girlfriend on the phone. She hangs up and lights up a smoke, looking so sexy Her...