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His Hungry Holes


His Hungry Holes Mistress Tangent sits and casually lights a cigarette. She gestures her slave to crawl in and assume the boot worshiping position he grumbles and licks at her high thigh high black boots. She stands any tongue worships her boots from tip the top. She makes some kiss worship her ass her perfect tight ass. Boot slaves rejoice as She sends him down Her boots to lick and clean and then has him suck the pointy toe like a cock. The taste of Her black boots is still...

Slut School


Slut School This trio of naked sluts is gathered at Mistress Tangent’s feet like bees to honey. She has on a big strap-on, and is clad in black high heels, stockings with garters, short waist cincher and a sexy black bra that Her big perfect breasts are bursting from. She lines up the three on their knees and explains, in a very teasing fashion while She asseses them, how they are going to perform some dirty bisexual acts for Her amusement. She gives each a taste of Her cock with...

Chicago Round 2

Playing in Porshe Lynn's closet!  Having fun at  Den of Indomitus.

I am sitting here with my business partner with his dogs as we wait for the next willing victim to arrive for the next shoot here, in Chicago, I reflect on the sweet time I have had here. Let me start by saying, it has been a PLEASURE meeting the beautiful and talented Mistress Desiree and working with the lovely Apprentice Mistresses Khalessi and Naomi during my stay, at The Continuum– I know I am not done with my Chicago trip – and I still have lots of filth to...