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Chillin in NY


as I sit here, waiting for an obedient slave to go pick up a space heater, while my fingers turn to slow moving icicles, I smile. I am not going to lie, this particular trip to NY has been very different for me. I admit – I didn’t bring my GF in crime with me on this trip – so, as a plus, I have been good at focusing more on work/ sessions and dedicated play time… (vs Party time).. I have been productive and have met/ revisited many awesome people. …. Hell – I am not going to lie, I am lucky to meet such wonderful people… and of course, to do such terrible things to them…. SERIOUSLY. Ahhh.. feels good. Hell – where one slave drops the ball, it gives way for another to be helpful= I get to punish one (:D) and reward/ show appreciation to the other (:D). MMMMM. Just feels good all around.

Also, reflecting back on some of this, as a side note:
I think because I am so laid back and easy going that people mistake my kindness for weakness. I am just ME. I do not feel the need to be cold and commanding with a harsh booming voice – If I want something done, I ask for it (often politely) in a normal tone. I will even give a certain amount of leeway to what I ask to be done- to err is human, I know. Now, if one decides to SLACK, write off, or, god forbid, leave a task unfinished…. Then we have problems. After that I am given no choice but to verbally and/or physically be cruel. Granted – if this is something you want/ are more responsive to – by all means, tell me ahead of time- I can/ enjoy that in its own right/ do such things naturally – I don’t have to be mad/ in a bad mood to go there. BUT- if I am crossed and you do piss me off – now you’ve summoned a hell bitch that you just can’t unsummon until retribution is executed.

I assure you – in my personal life I can be much more cruel both physically and mentally and violent than you see in my videos…MUCH. I enjoy it (well, only when it is a willing participant…but still.) I am definitely a woman of my word – If I say I will do something – I have full intention of following through.

Thank you SJ, Matt, an my personal slave for being the inspirations for this post.

Test Drive

Test Drive The little submissive has shown up late and Mistress Tangent is not happy. She starts his session right there in front of the door and stomps him in super high sadistic black heels. Her tight pants hug Her perfect ass while She stomps on him up and down. She changes to a sexy black outfit and he is strapped to the cross on the floor so he cannot go anywhere as She begins to use him as Her human carpet. She is going to be trying out several...

Bust A Nut

Mistress Tangent ties the big dicked young submissive to the chair. She is an expert in rope bondage and fastens him so his legs are spread and tight. She knows what She is going to do and he is going to be flailing and trying to get away from the pain She is going to put on his cock and balls. She has sky high black platform heels on for a deadly purpose and that is to inflict maximum pain on his young manhood while She savors his screams.  A...