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Bisex Bursting


Bursting Two bisexual submissives subject themselves to Mistress Tangent. She starts by seating Her gorgeous ass on the face of one so he acts as a human chair while She lashes up the cock of the other one. This one has huge balls and She enjoys squeezing and slapping them. Cock torment is Her specialty and She cannot resist the bursting balls. He holds the cock leash in his mouth as She applies Her brand of fun to his nuts. She produces a crop and spanks the shit out of...

Glass of Gold


Savory golden nectar awaits you slave. Get your thirst for submission on and checkout the gifts that Mistress will bestow on you. Her essence is right near your lips smelling of Her. Time to satisfy both your cravings. Join Her Site Now and have fun!

Upcoming Travel Schedule (As of 02/03/14)

top hat

Hello Naughty, Here is my upcoming travel schedule – I am based in Phoenix, AZ- but travel frequently– I will be sure to update for you as changes occur  – because they DO occur.  you are welcome. ;*   UPCOMING TRAVEL for  Feburary and some of March 2014!!! Here’s where I’ll be: Feb 03 -Feb 11: Phoenix, AZ Feb 12 -Feb 16: San Diego, CA Feb 14 -Feb 16: San Diego, CA (VAYCAY) Feb 17 – Feb 19: Phoenix, AZ Feb 20 – Feb 23: Dallas, TX Feb 24 –...

Punch and Ruined Orgasm after NT and Rubber Smother


Gusher This guy thought he could take all She could give but he was going to be turned into a beaten and drained puppet soon thought Mistress Tangent as She went about systematically tying the male submissive down to the purple table. Her black rubber outfit and jaunty cap went perfectly with the room and Her kinky 8” lace back high heels were etched in purple in the rear, perfectly complimenting Her kinky wardrobe. After immobilizing the slave in white rope bondage, She scratched Her perfectly manicured nails across his...