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Loving that Cali weather…

My past couple weekends were spent in CALI – in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Inglewood! I had lots o fun getting out my kink and soaking up the good weather and fun.  This last weekend I took my mom to see the Eagles at the Forum (it was my Christmas gift to her)  we had an amazing time, watched some poor guy get smacked by his wife for staring at me (literally!! lol), ate lots of great sushi, vietnamese food, and healthyness, pampered ourselves, got some awesome foot/ body...

Upcoming Travel Schedule (As of 01/21/14)


Hello Sweet slut,
Here is my upcoming travel schedule – I will be sure to update for you as changes occur  – because they DO occur.  you are welcome. ;*


UPCOMING TRAVEL for January – Feburary 2014!!!

Here’s where I’ll be:
Jan 21 -Feb 11: Phoenix, AZ
Feb 12 -Feb 16: San Diego, CA
Feb 14 -Feb 16: San Diego, CA VAYCAY
Feb 17 – Feb 19: Phoenix, AZ
Feb 20 – Feb 23: Dallas, TX
Feb 24 – Mar: Phoenix, AZ

I am still hashing out when I will be visiting NY again – I’m gonna have to wait until I can manage the cold again (I have water for blood!)…. Keep you in the loop…

If you are interested in seeing me for a session, contact me before I come to your area.  Do be sure to include your location, Interests, and any other questions you may have for me.  You may contact me at:


Recalling December in NY

Oh man, I am finally sitting here with enough time and my ducks in a row to give you details on my past trip to NY!  Wow.  Where to begin… Well, I did visit with my bestie, she and I have a tendency to find all kinds of fun when traveling.  We sampled  some amazing dining locations, Sen, L’artusi, several really cool speak easies… so on and so forth. We went to Webster Music hall and some other live music venues –  Loved it!  I even managed to squeeze in...

Ballbusting Fun

Get Your Kicks with Mistress Tangent and Her sexy and sadistic sister Mistress Demi. These two had so much fun with the young big balled slave there was not much left of him when they were done. Not once did he cry for mercy but he did almost faint a few times with happiness looking at their beautiful faces as they rained kikcs and punches on his balls. #ballbusting #femdom #dominatrix #mistress #bdsm #fetish #maleslave #cuckold #sissy

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Hello hello, WHEW!!! ok.  I must say my trip to VEGAS was incredible!!  Everything you would want from vegas in a trip!  I traveled with My personal sub and My bestie – we had a blast!  Got  a Presidential suite, and celebrated the day before NYE at Haksaan and Surrender for NYE!!     It was wonderful – you see – the great thing about taking a  sub with,  is the kinky shit you can do after! – Its not easy for a girl like me to go out and about and...

School Girl Torment

Some previews of Her episode as a sexy tormenting school girl. The results were very messy indeed Mistress Tangent is in detention but don’t be fooled as She has a plan. She knows Her sex appeal will make the perverted teacher forget himself and come on to Her. Sure enough She innocently asks for some help with Her homework and catches him staring at Her perfect natural breasts filling the shirt of Her uniform. She tells him it is time for him to comply or She will have his job....