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Merry XXXmas!

Hello there – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!  I hope your holiday has been prosperous!  I am still needing to get my pics from my past trip for you -but then again, I haven’t had time to go to get my computer fixed with all the extra errands of Christmas and car shopping since my accident!  Ugh!  O well..  I will!! Hopefully tomorrow! Thank you, thank you Jimmy, you are freakin wonderful – I am soooo excited about the latigo flogger! I love the fun we have!!  And thank you...

Sneak Peak – Paradise with Tangent & Severa

Here is a sneak peak at some of the sexy strap-on and pantyhose fetish oriented production from the Phoenix visit;

Side Note – Kind of a big deal!!


I totaled my car and my busted my computer within a week of each other, so I am a little slow on response time – and I still really want to tell you about my NY trip and the shooting the weekend before!!!  I have my EVERYTHING on my laptop – so I am taking it to the Apple store to see what I can do about it!  When I get my stuff recovered I can share more with you!

Upcoming Travel Schedule (as of 12/20/13)


Hello Sweet slut,
Here is my upcoming travel schedule – I will be sure to update for you as changes occur  – because they DO occur.  you are welcome. ;*



Here’s where I’ll be:
Dec 20 – 29: Phoenix, AZ
Dec 30 – Jan 2: Las Vegas, NV (New Years Celebration, baby!!)  VAYCAY
Jan 3 – Jan 8: Phoenix, AZ
Jan 9 – Jan 12:  San Diego, CA/ Los Angeles, CA
Jan 14 – 16: Phoenix, AZ
Jan 17 – 19: Inglewood, CA (Goin to the Eagles Concert!!) VAYCAY

Jan 21 -Feb : Phoenix, AZ

I am still hashing out when I will be visiting NY again – I’m gonna have to wait until I can manage the cold again (I have water for blood!)…. Keep you in the loop…


Triple Terror Preview

This slut starts out underfoot of Mistress Tangent, Mistress Ivy and Mistress Kate at the famous Den in Phoenix Arizona. He has come in on a Saturday night and these three are looking for someone to play with and use. The energy is crackling as they soften him up under their high heels and then make them kiss each of their asses in turn to thank them for the torment. He becomes their human spittoon as Mistress Kate ties up his cock and balls. Intense CBT mixed with humiliation, spitting...

Mind Blowing Shoot in Phoenix at the Den

Note from Steve – I cannot thank everyone enough, especially the lovely, talented and super sadistic Mistress Tangent, for making the trip a huge success. The amount of torment delivered by Her and four other women that were involved in the scenes was super intense. Everything arrived back to Chicago and is checked in for processing and inclusion in Mistress Tangent’s site. No rest for the wicked. Here are but a few sample photos from an extended scene torment of a sheer black nylon and pantyhose submissive that rolled into...

EPIC weekend

I will say – I had such a great time this weekend.  All kinds of awesome debauchery, muahaha!!! Kicked off the weekend on a great start – the awesome sub C, who took me to Dallas n spoiled me, also got me some sweet Klawtex latex – which totally just arrived!! mahahaha! SEXY latex!!!  whee!!  Check it out!  Then, later Friday, my personal sub got into town and I invited my girlfriends over for some good old fashioned partying, unfortunately  (or fortunately) for him, he ended up spending the night...