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Wonderful Scene in Chicago

Memories from a wonderful scene in Chicago. The video slave was a trooper!

It’s My Birthday!!!

It’s my birthday today!! I got my new red pedi on and had some recent celebrations with friends! Got my partying out this weekend, had lots of good food, and good times!  Now…. the only thing that could make this day better is a good foot massage n some very thorough foot worship …. maybe a back massage too….  an some birthday shopping is in order – still don’t know what I’m going to gift myself…. TBD!!! -Special thanks to Jimmy for the amazing bullwhip!! Soo excited for when it...

Musings After My Productive Time in Chicago

General Thoughts– Hello there, Dirty Birds – I’ve finally managed to wind down long enough to put some words to the page! I do try to stay busy, you know. I must say – I applaud myself (and my wonderful work partner) for putting such vigorous effort into the launch of this site. (Yes, I said vigorous-I see you; already thinking dirty… terrible!) I did have such fun working with (and abusing the shit out of) all lovely deviants; there were ever so many… making people howl just puts me...

Upcoming Travel Schedule

UPCOMING TRAVEL for SEPTEMBER!!! Here’s where I’ll be for September: Sept 02: AZ Sept 03-04: San Diego, CA Sept 05-09: Phoenix, AZ Sept 10-21: Manhattan, NY Sept 22-26: Phoenix, AZ Sept 27 – Oct 3: Vacation in Mexico More to come – If I am in your area and you are interested in a session, you can reach me at: